Saturday, December 16, 2006

Choco Churro

Shop 7212 Level 2 Highpoint Shopping Centre (120-200) Rosamond Road, Maribyrnong Vic 3032

I love donuts. Oh, let me tell you... the word donut will raise my brows. Did I hear you mention donut? It has been a while since I heard about this shop. Little is known about this shop apart from they offer a range of flavoured churros (Spanish Donut). This little piece of information has elevated my anticipation, which was as high as any mountain you could possibly find in this world.

Today, I visited the place. I decided to try their "Designer Churro". "Designer Churro" by their definition is churro filled with chocolate, caramel, custard, strawberry jam, orange, lemon, lime and passionfruit at your own choice. I chose the chocolate, orange and strawberry jam filled churro.

From top.bottom-strawberry jam, orange, chocolate

The churros were a little tough in texture and it appeared as though it had been deep fried for a lengthy period of time. The other possible explanation I could think of is the churros were left at ambient environment for a period of time. If the churros were fried on spot upon placement of order, it would make a great difference. It is a pity they do not have the capacity to do so as yet and the business is relatively new. A little dissapointed!
*Note: This is my personal opinion

However, a tumb's up for the innovation and the mission to introduce to everyone of Spanish inspired cuisine. Hmm, orange with cinnamon???