Friday, March 30, 2007

Bedi's Indian Restaurant

118 Park Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Bedi which is a modernised Indian dining environment is well known for its butter chicken and tandoori chicken. The calm environment and the set-up pose a moderate fine dining atmosphere. The service was great, waitors were extremely attentive and we were truly well looked after.

We had Samosa, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, curry lamb and a curry vegetable. The butter chicken and tandoori chicken didn't let us down. Overall, it was a highly satisfactory meal.

A visit to an Indian Restaurant is a rarity for me. Apparently, Kylie and Danni Minogue can't get enough of the food offered by this restaurant. Perhaps, it is worth a visit.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hand Made Earrings

Another new addition to my existing passion list, hand made beaded jewellery. My first hand made pair of earrings. I was introduced to basic jewellery making couple of days ago. I struggled with differentiating the flat nose and round nose pliers, the linking technique and even holding the beads still. I even try to convince myself that my hands were meant for food related tasks and not others. Obviously i was wrong about this.
Now that i know the basics, it is an advantage where i can tailor my own pair of earrings to suit my style and needs. Yippy!! I hate complicated and sophisticated designs.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Homemade Pizza-Pizza Supreme

Last night, I made a large pizza for tea. I copied Crust's Gourmet Pizza-'Crust Supreme' concept.
The ingredients are smoked ham, pepperoni, italian sausage, mushrooms, fresh capsicum, spanish onions, shallots, pineapple and kalamata olives.

However, my homemade version involved smoked ham, salami, no italian sausage although i did see some in the local market, mushrooms, capsicum, no spanish onions instead red skin onions, shallots, pineapple and no olives because i dislike them.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Max Brenner

Melbourne QV Shopping Centre, VIC 3001 & Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, VIC 3001

This chocolate place needs no introduction at all. A nice elegant set up place with floorboards, shelvings and tables in dark brown colour which are in line with the colour of chocolate. The chocolatier master of this place has found its way to tempt the chocolate lovers. It is known for its 'suckao'- a metal straw spoon to scoop up chocolate, melt them on an oval shape cup warmed with tealight and finally suck it up using the same metal spoon. They have recently came up with something new, another marketing strategy, unique looking cup with the word-drink me.

They have chocolate by products and their merchandise items in store. One of the highly selected delights is the warm belgian wafer served with chocolate, strawberries and ice cream.

Other delights appeared rich in chocolate-to look at a few such as;-
- chocolate pizza-pizza base with melted chocolate, cornflakes, marshmallows, white chocolate drops and honey crunch

-milky hot chocolate cream with popping candies and white chocolate

As for their service level, expect a pathetic service level especially on the weekend and even a poor one on Friday nights.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Eat, Drink Bento

115 Hardware lane, Melbourne VIC 3001

Eat, Drink Bento a modernise decor at Hardware la has its focus set on Bento lunch/dinner boxes. The food presented is of Japanese/Asian influence: peking duck, vegetable tempura and etc. They do have entrees (sashimi, sushi and even siu mai and many more).

There weren't many waitresses and this didn't resemble their service level. Instead, the waitresses were attentive, friendly and informative. The pricing is good too, especially on the lunch Bento boxes. If you aren't working on weekdays, I suggest you take a stroll on Hardware la, dine in and I guarantee you will like the relax ambience. Give it a try.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Home made pancakes for breakfast. They're made from few ingredients and not the 'shaky' instant pancake mixes from the stores.

Pancake with honey, walnut, banana and vanilla ice-cream.

Friday, March 16, 2007

In One Night

It was a superbly outstanding night, not sure what had stimulate my hunger note so much that I ate like a pig. It was a costly night, just for food and drinks.

I had:

1) A bowl of buckwheat noodles with a medium portion of chargrilled beef

This didn't satisfy my hunger and was craving badly for K....F......C......

2) A piece of 'original' chicken, small fries with hot gravy, and a pepsi. Believe it or not, i paid 8.10 for this.

It brought a great relief, and this made my day.... lickin' good

3) Bloody Mary-It all ended with a glass of bloody Mary.

Sat on a couch, sipped the bloody Mary, wondered what was going on in my stomach, will I be paying for the consequences the next morning?? Noodles+beef+chicken+fries+gravy+pepsi+bloody mary (tomato juice, tabasco sauce and pepper). I couldn't careless!!

My friends were indeed in great shock to see me in this hungry state, but nevertheless were patient enough and agreed on going to KFC with me.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Food(s) For Thought

I came across a highly interesting take away menu offered by a Vietname-Chinese Restaurant which is worth sharing. For the starters, they have 330 dishes on the list which is a vast selection. As i was analysing them and reading them aloud, I was amused by it, it entertained me for about 5 minutes and the question that came to mind was, IS THIS FOR REAL? No doubt, the printed leaflet is real and I have taken one home. These are the selection:
-Chicken with Sam Bal Sauce
-Chicken with Ginger
-Chicken with Garlic
-Chicken with Curry
-Chicken with Black Bean Sauce
-Chicken with Baby Corn
-Chicken with Lemon Grass & Chilli
-Chicken with Cream Corn
-Chicken with Spinach
-Chicken with Soy Sauce
-Chicken with Ginger and Spring onion
-Honey Chicken
-Mandarin Chicken
-Mango Chicken
-Lemon Chicken
-Empire Chicken
-Spicy Honey Chicken
-Chicken with Cashew Nuts
-Sweet and Sour Pork
-Sweet and Sour Chicken
-Sweet and Sour Combination (which is??-chicken, pork, beef, fish, lamb??)
-Sweet and Sour Fish
-Sweet and Sour Prawns
-Sweet and Sour Seafood Combination
-Satay Pork
-Satay Beef
-Satay Chicken
-Satay Squids
-Satay Combination
-Satay Prawns
-Satay Seafood
-Satay Scallops
The list goes on and on....Do you not find it interesting?? Chicken with Garlic as a dish? If Chicken with baby corns made it to the list, I think they miss out on chicken with green peas? Chicken with oyster sauce? Chicken with Hoi Sin Sauce, or rather chicken with whatsover sauce you can possibly find on the supermarket shelf. Similarly the satay dishes is the most unique selection I've ever came across. Satay squids?? No offense, why don't they try satay vegetables (brocolli, peas and etc).
Is this some form of mix matching one item with other available items?? Just like a black pant, which goes along well with a white top, blue top, yellow top, brown top, red top and any other colours you could possibly think of.
I find this W.E.I.R.D. Does it now make sense that they have a selction of 330 dishes?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Banana and Walnut Muffin

As a result of boredom, I decided to make some banana and walnut muffins. It is my first attempt.... I only made 4 muffins, just in case it didn't work out. I'm glad it worked out well.