Sunday, December 17, 2006


Peel St, Queen Victoria Market

Yes.. I'm not dreaming. Yes, you may think that I'm insane but I'm not. Am I obsess with donuts? Maybe I'm. Does it matter?? Maybe it does.
I went to Queen Victoria Market this morning and I was there to do my food shopping. As my housemate and I were walking toward the grocer area my housemate started; "Sui, would you like to have some donuts?" "DONUTS" How could I possibly resist this invitation?? 'Okay'!
This is one of the best Churro (dusted with icing sugar) I have ever tasted.
Who would have thought that a Churro business can operate on a caravan?
It is a caravan painted with pictures and the big black cow appeared to be their icon. The queue paint a thousand words.
Do not under estimate this caravan, it has the capacity to fill 3 people, few benches to work on and a frying place. The boys would no doubt be saturated with oil within few hours. I was extremely satisfied with the Churros and I had Churros again in less than 24 hours.