Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas.....

Once again Christmas is upon us. I can't take my eyes off the Christmas trees around in town. My favourite tree is the Christmas tree with turquoise ornaments and ribbons on them. The main reason being, it is simple and I like the colour. Take a closer look, one of the Christmas trees do have white feathers on them. Wonder where they came from, white pigeon feathers? White feather dusters?Here are the 5 extraordinary Christmas trees or not a tree. They're indeed very unique, odd but nice.
Michael Jackson would be interested to see the almost black tree and the white tree (Black & White). The top left not a tree is taken from my workplace, and it is made out of business cards. The far right on the 2nd row not a tree is made of shopping bags. The middle one on the bottom row is cute too. It is made out of sticks painted with white colour and decorated with red and silver baubles and gold stars. Very creative, let the imaginary runs wild.
Merry Christmas to you (who is currently reading this). Hope you enjoy the trees, aren't they beautiful?