Monday, February 26, 2007

Animal Farm

Another interesting book which I've just read. This is a highly recommended book and is listed as one of the many good books to read before you die. Thanks to a friend who lend me this book, told me that i would enjoy this and that she studied them during her high school. True indeed, most of the high school students in Australia would have studied this in their English literature class. When I was seen with this book I was being asked 'didn't I study this during my high school?' I wished. This book reminded me of the animated movie 'Barnyard' which was filled with some obscene cow nipples. Are animals equally clever as humans except they don't speak the same language as we do? Pigs which are often associated with laziness are portray as the cleverest animal amongst all. I'm sure the animals in the farm yard in some ways understand that they're breed to work and could even sense their own death-bed.