Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blue Train Cafe

Mid-level Southgate Complex, Southbank, VIC 3006
I was at Blue Train Cafe earlier tonight with few ex-colleagues of mine. It is a nice modernised cafe along the Yarra River which provides a total relax environment. I'm not entirely sure why this cafe's name is Blue Train. There isn't a train in the cafe, the cafe is not layout in a train like pattern and the walls of the cafe aren't painted in blue. Blue Train Cafe, huh???

I like the variation of dining environment offered by this place, the choice of in the cafe itself, out of the cafe on the balcony along the river, and in the cafe itself in a separate section with high rise tables and chairs next to the advertisements board with different lightings.
We found a spot on the balcony which was close to the River. That made us totally relaxed, no rush, champagne or any light drinks kept us well prior to dinner.
There is a variation of food served at this cafe, from brekky to entrees (different types of salad dishes) to mains and desserts. There is a mini bar too!! They served pizzas too and they do look yummy! The price of the food is reasonable considering it is situated in the up market Southbank location. From what I've observed, the food was served promptly despite the ongoing flow of customers dining here. This would for sure keep the customers jovial.

I had the Tandoori chicken salad, it was a light meal, plain and simple, served with pappadums, rice and yoghurt. The Tandoori chicken was great and goes well with salad (without any dressing), and the rice.
I would visit this place again and would recommend you visit this place.