Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar

85 Bay St, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

A relatively small pizza bar place with no hint of alcohol. They have a vast range of gourmet pizzas and are being categorised into few major categories as such meat, chicken, seafood, vegetarian and finally the old traditional pizza-ham and pineapple. It appeared as though this place specialise in delivering gourmet pizzas to home. There were constant people dropping in for takeaways. There are bar type tables in and out of the shop.

I was most impressed with the selection of pizza base; tomato, cranberry, barbeque, pumpkin, pesto, satay, refried bean (??) and sweet chilli. The base is assigned to a particular type of pizza. It was a tough decision and put one in some form of predicament, torn between the many option.

We had satay chicken pizza, smoked salmon pizza, pesto scallops (my pick) and sweet chilli prawns pizza. They were extremely generous with the toppings and the pizzas were presented in highly appertizing manner.Note:L-R Satay Chicken, Pesto Scallop, Smoked Salmon, Sweet Chilli Prawns

We hardly spoke during our meal, humming silently to express our own satisfaction with the pizzas and busily scoffing them.

It was a whole musical pizza experience for all of us. We were moving the pizzas across the table every 5 minutes. Where was the satay chicken pizza?? Where was the smoked salmon pizza? Even when we were full, we weren't able to resist them.
My rating, 4.5/5. Thumbs up!