Thursday, March 15, 2007

Food(s) For Thought

I came across a highly interesting take away menu offered by a Vietname-Chinese Restaurant which is worth sharing. For the starters, they have 330 dishes on the list which is a vast selection. As i was analysing them and reading them aloud, I was amused by it, it entertained me for about 5 minutes and the question that came to mind was, IS THIS FOR REAL? No doubt, the printed leaflet is real and I have taken one home. These are the selection:
-Chicken with Sam Bal Sauce
-Chicken with Ginger
-Chicken with Garlic
-Chicken with Curry
-Chicken with Black Bean Sauce
-Chicken with Baby Corn
-Chicken with Lemon Grass & Chilli
-Chicken with Cream Corn
-Chicken with Spinach
-Chicken with Soy Sauce
-Chicken with Ginger and Spring onion
-Honey Chicken
-Mandarin Chicken
-Mango Chicken
-Lemon Chicken
-Empire Chicken
-Spicy Honey Chicken
-Chicken with Cashew Nuts
-Sweet and Sour Pork
-Sweet and Sour Chicken
-Sweet and Sour Combination (which is??-chicken, pork, beef, fish, lamb??)
-Sweet and Sour Fish
-Sweet and Sour Prawns
-Sweet and Sour Seafood Combination
-Satay Pork
-Satay Beef
-Satay Chicken
-Satay Squids
-Satay Combination
-Satay Prawns
-Satay Seafood
-Satay Scallops
The list goes on and on....Do you not find it interesting?? Chicken with Garlic as a dish? If Chicken with baby corns made it to the list, I think they miss out on chicken with green peas? Chicken with oyster sauce? Chicken with Hoi Sin Sauce, or rather chicken with whatsover sauce you can possibly find on the supermarket shelf. Similarly the satay dishes is the most unique selection I've ever came across. Satay squids?? No offense, why don't they try satay vegetables (brocolli, peas and etc).
Is this some form of mix matching one item with other available items?? Just like a black pant, which goes along well with a white top, blue top, yellow top, brown top, red top and any other colours you could possibly think of.
I find this W.E.I.R.D. Does it now make sense that they have a selction of 330 dishes?