Friday, March 16, 2007

In One Night

It was a superbly outstanding night, not sure what had stimulate my hunger note so much that I ate like a pig. It was a costly night, just for food and drinks.

I had:

1) A bowl of buckwheat noodles with a medium portion of chargrilled beef

This didn't satisfy my hunger and was craving badly for K....F......C......

2) A piece of 'original' chicken, small fries with hot gravy, and a pepsi. Believe it or not, i paid 8.10 for this.

It brought a great relief, and this made my day.... lickin' good

3) Bloody Mary-It all ended with a glass of bloody Mary.

Sat on a couch, sipped the bloody Mary, wondered what was going on in my stomach, will I be paying for the consequences the next morning?? Noodles+beef+chicken+fries+gravy+pepsi+bloody mary (tomato juice, tabasco sauce and pepper). I couldn't careless!!

My friends were indeed in great shock to see me in this hungry state, but nevertheless were patient enough and agreed on going to KFC with me.