Thursday, March 22, 2007

Max Brenner

Melbourne QV Shopping Centre, VIC 3001 & Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, VIC 3001

This chocolate place needs no introduction at all. A nice elegant set up place with floorboards, shelvings and tables in dark brown colour which are in line with the colour of chocolate. The chocolatier master of this place has found its way to tempt the chocolate lovers. It is known for its 'suckao'- a metal straw spoon to scoop up chocolate, melt them on an oval shape cup warmed with tealight and finally suck it up using the same metal spoon. They have recently came up with something new, another marketing strategy, unique looking cup with the word-drink me.

They have chocolate by products and their merchandise items in store. One of the highly selected delights is the warm belgian wafer served with chocolate, strawberries and ice cream.

Other delights appeared rich in chocolate-to look at a few such as;-
- chocolate pizza-pizza base with melted chocolate, cornflakes, marshmallows, white chocolate drops and honey crunch

-milky hot chocolate cream with popping candies and white chocolate

As for their service level, expect a pathetic service level especially on the weekend and even a poor one on Friday nights.