Friday, April 27, 2007

Citrus Mint

357 Victoria St, West Melbourne VIC 3003

Citrus Mint an exotic name for a Thai Restaurant. I visited this place partly because it was always jam-packed with people during lunch and dinner hours. An absolute positive indicator. It is a small dining restaurant, tables neatly lined next to one another virtually leaving not much space. If you haven't got a high rise voice and when the place is full of patrons you will be surprised that you can't hear your own voice.The waitresses are friendly.

We had a starter or minced chicken, fresh mint, red onion, red chilli, ground rice with lemon juice. Hmmm, it was refreshing and an indicator of what to expect on the mains.

I was keen on the duck, no no I wasn't craving for duck. It is just an interesting dish and if a Thai restaurant does have duck as a main they normal cook it up in red curry, mint leaves and lychees. Yes, this duck dish was served with mint leaves, eggplant and lychees. Average, I've had better ones at a Thai restaurant at Adelaide.

We had Tom Yum Soup which was served on a plate.
Overall, the food here is a fusion of Thai and Western Food. It you wish to have an authetic Thai meal this is not the place.