Monday, April 23, 2007

Top Five...NUTS

Top Five...NUTS?? An interesting mini section which was published on A2 Age-21st April, 2007 which mentioned about Top Five... NUTS. There is something about this section which is not quite right, one of those WHAT THE (DUH)...?
This is not a joke, it spun my brain-Top Five NUTS? Well i can understand Top Restaurants/Dining Places in town, Top 100 books to read, but not Top Five Nuts. Besides, there are few doted dots followed after the word Five and what is this suppose to mean? Doubts?
Here are the top 5 NUTS;
1)Wandiligong Nut Festival- May 10-13, Wandiligong. go
I like the statements underneath it,it says:-After chocolate, nuts are surely one of the most addictive of foods and this year they have arrived at our markets, grocers and specialty food stores.
You gotta be joking? Nuts come after chocolate as a 2nd preferance???
The Nut Festival will be held at south of Bright, in Victoria's high country and the festival celebrates locally grown produce, chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts as well as raising money for breast cancer research.
2)Pistachios-sold across specialty shops across Victoria
3)Hazelnuts-Mount Buffalo/Essential Ingredients in Melbourne and other specialty shops around Mansfield
4)Walnuts-available locally from Ovens Valley
5)Chestnuts-Sinclair Orchards' chestnuts-1 Beechworth Road, Stanley

I'm still trying to interpret this section, I think what it is trying to present is the top place where you could get the specific nuts from? It appeared that there are locally grown hazelnuts and walnuts. I need to seek some opinion from the Nuts Guru. A rather confusing article, if it is about top 5 nuts, I'm sure cashews would have to come first. Where's Macadamias? Isn't Macadamias australian owned?? How could this be neglected?
No offense, I think I can present a better article on Top 5 Nuts.