Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bloom Can Plant

Awhile ago, I was in desperate search for something out of the ordinary of which I could actually give away as a birthday present. Something which one would rarely buy. I found this interesting item from the Australian Geographic store. It is called Bloom Can Message Bean. The instruction is all you need to do is water the soil in the can, a plant capable of growing up to 2 metres tall will grow and a message will appear. I was inclined to question the truth! but whom shall i ask?
After an hour of contemplation I decided to buy it, let my girlfriend put it to the test. It worked! It is amazing how a huge like mung bean plant grew out of the can and the happy birthday message was engraved on the bean. The plant is currently growing well despite the cold weather, will see how long it will last.

It is very impressive isn't it? A good purchase.