Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wilson's Promontory

A few of the many pictures which were taken during the Easter break at Wilson's Promontory.

The 2nd and 3rd picture on the 1st row were taken at the summit of Mt Oberon, one of the main highlights and challenging track offered by the prom. A 6.8km uphill climb and downhill walk. Some paths were quite steep.

Just when you think it is too challenging and not worth the effort; it puts an adult especially to shame when some 5-6 years old can hike up the mount with a gleeful smile on their face accompanied by their parents.

Ohh, it was quite unexpected, the Prom sent me a certificate of accomplishment for conquering the prom, for the following activities/tracks in A day: Mt Oberon (6.8km), Lilly Pilly Gully track (5.8km), Eagles Nest Beach (0.4km), Squeaky Beach (o.6km) and Tidal River (0.7km). I survived the next day without any dramas.

I suppose it goes with the saying "every accomplishment starts with a decision to try".