Sunday, July 08, 2007


2 Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

I was at Campari earlier this afternoon for lunch. The interior is huge, nice and cosy. It felt as though the place is separated in sections:-for meals, desserts and drinks. There is a mini bar like set-up offering a selection of drinks. The exterior of this place offers waterfront 'dining on the deck' experience. It would be great during summer, autumn and late spring, basking under the sun enjoying the food at the same time.

Few of the interior pictures which i've taken:

Let me warn you, the meals are quite pricy in this place, mains averaging of AUD 28-35. The Entrees are approximately AUD 20. I had Pappoutsakia-stuffed eggplant topped with cheese. Yummy, i love eggplant. I shall attempt to make my own stuffed eggplant in near future.

The huge range selection of desserts will make you salivate. If you're a sweet tooth person, i'm sure you won't be able to resist the temptation.

I chose to try something which i haven't tried before, which is Diples, a Greek sweet type dessert.

It wasn't that bad, quite nice, soft, not crunchy, a deep fried pastry, served with honey, crushed walnuts, Halva ice-cream and cinnamon sprinkled on them.

The service was great, it didn't take long for the food to come. I would definitely come back again to try other food, awww there is just a huge selection of dishes from all corners of the Mediterranea to try on, tapas, pizzas, pastas spit roasts and my next selection would have to be the Portugese style rotisserie chicken and this is going to cost me AUD 28. Won't visit this place for a while, maybe not till end of the year.