Friday, July 27, 2007

First Aid

Today at work, I saw a colleague (Karen) cutting out few printed pictures of my other colleagues. To me they looked like a fugitive, one of those fugitive shot, carrying a plate with a serial number.

Me:Karen,what are they for? They all look funny
Karen: These are for First Aid, First Aid rep
Karen: They're all males. I've asked some females, but they didn't want to be part of it
Me:Ok, ermm what does it take to be part of it? (In deep thoughts thinking that maybe i could volunteer)

Few seconds later

Me: Karen, i don't think i can, cause i'm afraid of blood, and i can't see people in pain
Karen: Hmm, in this case i don't think you can either. I've learned something about you, the 'bleeding people' or people in pain shouldn't come to you, cause they will die or you will make them die if they come to you.
Me: Hmm, maybe! (I can't perform first aid on people)