Sunday, July 22, 2007

gifts and birthdays

Yesterday was a remarkable day. It all began with the usual marketing chores followed by an intense shopping. I had to visit Borders, and one would know that it was terrible day to visit any bookstores. It was the release of Harry Potter, finale. I couldn't believe my eyes, the long metres of queue outside Borders, some carrying marked balloons (We love Harry). Inside, 5 checkouts assigned for pre-ordered pickup, staff dressed up in black cloak, black/purple wizardry hat and ONLY 1 checkout was assigned for other purchases. To sum it all, terrible wait.

I had to join the queue since i had the need to exchange a cookbook which i've bought earlier with another cookbook. I've decided that my friend (Jane) deserved Bill Granger, everyday cookbook as a birthday gift. Bill's recipes are simple, less complicated and suits her.

The next thing was visiting T2 tea shop. I found a perfect birthday gift for another friend (Sema), a stack (3 different types of herbal relaxation tea) and it wasn't that expensive too! Worth the money and quality. Ahh, i'm 100% sure she will like it.

And....... after this, i made my way back to Borders. I line up for Harry Potter's book and got myself a white Hedwig too. A nice super cool owl. Currently, am reading Ben Elton's Past Mortem, and the next book in line will be re-read the Harry Potter (5th), 6th and the final one. Shall see whether i can finish them all by the end of the year (i doubt).

*Jane's Birthday*

It was great to celebrate a 25th birthday last nite. The 'usual' close friends were invited, her parents came along and was good to see the familiar faces again. Her parents were glad to see us too, ahh the 'close' friends get together. How I met her? 4 years ago, i was living in a different state and happened to be in Melbourne for a conference. We conversed, exchanged contacts and most importantly we are the foodie of the future. Later the year, i made a move to Melbourne and somehow throughout these years, i became part of her life. Thank you Jane!

Made an interesting discovery during the nite. Midori + lemonade + cherry. What a combination!

*Sema's Birthday*

Celebrated a 40th birthday today. A milestone birthday! and Another 'foodie's' birthday. It was another good get together session out of working hours. A typical motherly character whos always checking on me at work. "Are you ok", "You're very quiet today", "Please eat more, you need to eat".

What a busy weekend, need to get some sleep!