Friday, July 13, 2007

IL Dolce Freddo

116 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3054

IL Dolce Freddo, one of the Italian ice-cream (gelati) place people like to visit during warm weather. During summer in particular one would expect to see a constant stream of people in and out of this place, gripping tightly in their hand an ice-cream cone topped with flavours of their choice. Let me warn you, in a hot 40 degrees summer, if you're a slow eater like me, you will be experiencing a melting ice-cream moment and would end up with sweet sticky hand. So, hurry up and swallow them as fast as you can.

This gelati place has a staggering variety of ice-cream, you name it, cookies n' cream, lychee, pandan, mango, coconut, green tea, tiramisu, chocolate roche, nutella and even durian. Ah, durian is a Malaysian thing, known as the king of fruit, the considerably big round fruit with thorns and green in colour. Nevertheless, it carries a distinct smell. If you happen to walk around this ice-cream place and smell some strange smell, this is the contributor.

Few days ago, a friend from interstate visited me and i brought her here after dinner. Goodness me, in this cold weather i can't believe there are still people who would like to have ice-cream. It was a win-win situation where she get to have her ice-cream and i get to take pictures. The happy gleeful smile.

It was a perfect timing where there was no one in the shop apart from us and only a worker was present. For once i could snap all the pictures i want happily without any interference, taking my own sweet time.