Saturday, July 07, 2007

New baby named-Toshiba

After few months of contemplation, I finally bought myself a new toy! It wasn't a cheap toy and I wouldn't have part with my old toy if it wasn't because it is sooo old that it will die anytime from now. There were constant symptoms of old age, one of them being:-

-couldn't shut down, 3 days in a row (the worse i've ever experienced) and i had to conduct an emergency shut down (unplug the power cord).
-built in fan/cooler was operating really loudly

This sent me off to the 'paranoid' farm instantly! I did a whole system recovery installation afterwards, but it didn't improve at all. It gotten worse afterwards and started:-

-shutting itself down nearly every 2 days after 4 hours max of operation
-passed the shutting down, but yet unsuccessful and i could hear the fan/cooler running really loud

It probably had had enough of me. Yes, I'm referring to my laptop. It didn't take me long to do some research or rather pretty much I know which brand I would go for. I settled on TOSHIBA, without doubt. I wanted something that is reliable like many of us consumers expect, meet the basic operations and most importantly budget. Instantly, TOSHIBA Satellite A200/M01 met all the needs on my list.

I'm happy and love you baby, you have everything I need. I'm such an old school, how did i live without CD writer, DVD player, no wireless internet, no build in camera. I was on Intel M Processor. Geeee!

Time for a change!