Sunday, July 01, 2007


I made some scones this morning for the Destinos Cafe get together meeting held in the afternoon. Destinos Cafe is a cafe in Richmond AOG Church at Griffiths St, Richmond. We were asked to bring a plate each to share amongst us. My initial plan was to make some sweet potatoes patties which is healthy and helps bowel movement. I changed my mind due to few reasons:-

-i do not have enough sweet potatoes

-preparation + cooking time required will be more than 1 hour

-it is cold and wet out there, don't feel like visiting Safeway, too cozy to stay indoor

Scones, came to mind instantly, scones with cream and jam and a cup of hot drink is always good during winter. All i need to do is prepare the dough, bake it in the oven and i have few packets of plain flour, self raising flour, few blocks of butter handy at home.

I'm glad it worked, nice and soft. It makes me happy. Yayy, I can make scones! Recipes can be obtained from various web-page.