Sunday, July 29, 2007

the society we lived in

A day after i wrote about first aid, and how i was afraid of blood and etc. I must have jinx myself. While i was driving and waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, i heard a motorbike from afar, Vroom Vroom, Broooom, ear blasting. Who was this Mr cool, trying to be cool on road on Sunday afternoon, when it was congested? Ah ha, Mr Bikey,this is not the place to show off. In a split second, there was 'THUD'. He lost his balance, fell onto the road, and his bike was on top of him.

Great! It happened next to my car! Should i get out of my car to help him? Motorbikes are heavy and it is on top of him. Had a quick look, none of the drivers around me helped. Should I? Should i even be bothered when others don't? In the end, i didn't, and saw that he managed to stand up again on his own and wasn't injured at all. Phew, great relief, no blood!

This speaks 'highly' of the society we lived in. Is there such a thing as good Samaritan?