Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Typical working day

A typical working day:-

Supposedly to start work at 8.30am, but never on time. Hopefully no one noticed that i have been arriving at 8.40am. Blame it on the weather! It is too cold.

Drop my bags in the lab, head to my locker next to get my uniform, off to the ladies to put it on.

Back to the lab to have a quick look at the retail products left on the bench for me

Out to the production area to see what the production workers are up to. Say my good mornings to them, if not some of them will be upset at me. Why didn't you say good morning? Why didn't we see you this morning? Where were you.....etc? Are you happy? Everything ok? Full of concerns from these people.

Today is somewhat a little different, it is one of the girls birthday, i have been reminding myself not to forget about this. Wished her happy birthday, and the next thing i know she grabbed my hand, handed me a chocolate roche, looked at me and indicated stay silent! I have no idea how she sneaked a box of chocolate roche into the factory. Not even sure whether this is acceptable or not, told her so long i don't see anyone in the factory eating roches it is fine.

The routine follows, into the lab to do some benchwork on the products and then out to the production area to keep my eye on the 5 packing lines which i'm currently responsible for. I'm constantly on my feet and the only time i get to sit down is during lunch time. On a good day, there will not be any issues at all.

On a more interesting day, i get products/packaging that do not meet specification. Ahh, not particularly happy about this but it happens every now and then.

I get nervous all the time when i hear complaints from customers. Have i signed off on something which i shouldn't have signed off, have i overlooked some of the details? Really have to be cautious about my judgment.

Do I have an interesting job? Sounds interesting? It is exhausting and the beauty of this is i've done enough exercise everyday, in fact more than enough.