Wednesday, August 22, 2007

andrew's hamburger

144 Bridport St, Albert Park, VIC 3206

Andrew's hamburgers which need no introduction at all to many of us. One of the known, voted good (a big tick) hamburger take-away in town. It's name after the founder of the business, which is Andrew. I've met him, and goodness me he's such a talker, outgoing, humourous person. He told me apparently he's very famous in Japan, and sounds like he's used to his popularity. This made it an easy task for me to take pictures. It is a relatively small shop, do not underestimate it, you will be surprised with the constant people strolling in and out.

I had the lot, good old traditional hamburger without any creativity added, no alteration. Bacon, melted cheese on top of the pattie, tomatoes, lettuce. Mouth watering.

Yummy! Stop staring at the pictures!