Tuesday, August 21, 2007

mc donald

McDonald's, I'm lovin it "M" have served many of us well haven't they? Let it be the ever popular McValue meal (quarter pounder, fillet-o-fish), the Breakfast at 6am (bacon and egg muffin with hash brown, hot cakes with syrup), McHappy Meal to the selection of Deli Choices. The easy quick fix to one's hunger. McDonald's despite being a fast food provider, is cautious about the choices of meal provided. This is demonstrated by the nutritional information provided on the individual meal with some of the choices outlining the grams of fat in them. Would one care about the energy serve or amount of fat that they're pumping into their body when buying the meals from McDonald's? Would chips ever taste good without frying them in oil?

I must admit that McDonalds are creative with the offered selection of meals and you would notice that the dessert range changes all the time. As for the Happy Meal, it suit the children. The constant release of different toys, toys that resemble the characters from cartoon movies certainly tempt the children and some young adults. *Marketing scheme*

There is a McCafe in McDonald's depending on which store you visit. The small range of 'sweet' cakes or desserts are quite impressive: ranging from donuts, to muffins, to truffle roll, to cakes (mini cheesecake, banana and walnut slice, chocolate torte).