Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Crown Promenade (Crown), Southbank, VIC 3006

Few weeks ago, my housemate introduced us to Mesh, we were told that this is a good buffet place. The highlight of this place is it has a great offer of fresh seafood (oysters, prawns). The deal is, if you get a main which is at a cost of approximately 36 dollars per head, you get to enjoy unlimited (eat all you can)-seafood, a range of entrees and desserts and a selection of drinks. Great place to indulge yourself after a long hard working week. Everything is under one roof, and need not migrate to somewhere else for coffee or dessert after dinner.

True indeed the oysters and prawns were fresh and the place was very generous with the seafood supply. Waitors and waitresses continually checking the seafood tray and topping them. We get a steamed basket of oysters too, for free! Made all of us hyped up!

The entrees range from bread and butter or dips, different style of salads and even tabouleh was one of it. The mains were-eye fillet, scotch fillet, lamb shanks and etc. It was huge, served with potatoes, grilled eggplant.

One of the mains (which i had):

Needless to say, the desserts weren't dissapointing at all, a selection of ice-creams, cakes and fruits.

As you can see, it is really worth the money. The quality of the food is impressive too and the level of service was up to the standard. Quite attentive.