Monday, August 20, 2007

spare the rod,spoil the child

It goes with the saying, spare the rod, spoil the child! This is indeed true! This is well demonstrated to me at work with the bunch of people working on the lines i'm responsible for. I've spare the rod and in return i've spoil them. I've been too easy going with them for the past months, in return i get excuses from them when i needed them to get serious about their work. Even when it comes to minor cleaning required, i received a classic excuse, 'oh why do we need to clean, this is a messy product, it will be dirty again'.
Looks like the honeymoon period is over for them, time to bring out the whip and educate them a little bit. It will be painful, but if i do not educate them i will be in a more painful position.

Isn't it a hard task to play miss/mr nice person role? Time for them to listen to their mama.