Sunday, August 05, 2007


376 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121

Truffles, an approximately 4 month old 'chocolate' business located on the busy Bridge Rd and right in front of a Tram line.

What do i like about this place and what do i have to say about this place? Looking into this place from the glass door, one could see various chocolates neatly presented in a chilled, glass, typical (most cafes do have) display cabinet. Good enough to catch patrons or anyone's attention while strolling down Bridge Rd. The ambience of this place speak for itself. The brown reddish painted ceiling along with the visible brown bricks line makes it all an interesting presentation. The few golden frame mirrors hung on the wall along with a huge brown mirror cabinet right in front of those mirrors made the place look bigger, 'the mirror effect'. The colour of the couch, lighting of this place, colour of the furniture and even the menu had a matching colour, redish brown colour.

This place has a similar concept as the established chocolatier business;-Koko Black and Max Brenner (the bald man). It serve chocolate drinks, sticky date pudding, chocolate fondue with 4 different types of fruits and a range of chocolates. The chocolates especially appeared hand made and my guess would be they were all made in a small scale and wouldn't be as extensive as Koko Black. It has the chocolate sauce on wafers, and having tried this in my perception there is a difference in the wafer compared to Max Brener's wafer. The wafer here is purely a typical wafer, just right nice. Max Brener's wafer is sweet and you will notice that the wafer has a coarse sugary taste when you bite them.

As for the chocolates, tried the hazelnut crips, almond flake and cherry bite. They were praline chocolates, except for cherry bite which has liquor in them. Praline chocolates which is known to many of us the brand GuyLian. In my opinion they taste ordinary to me and having said so, hand made chocolate making is hard work and require a lot of skills to master them (the tempering of chocolate, and how the chocolate was handled is very critical). Truly well done to this 'young' business. All the best.

A bonus thing from this place, it has free wireless internet, which means you can bring your own laptop to this place and use the internet. All you need to do is obtain the password from the waitor or waitress.

Note: I wasn't paid to write this post and first time ever i have written a posting while dining at the same time. The write up is done, timpe to pack up my bag, pay the bill and leave.