Thursday, August 16, 2007

What would you like to be?

If you were given a choice to do whatever you would like to do/be for a day, what would your answer be? A good question, simple but yet required some thoughts. This question was presented to me yesterday. Strange enough, the day before i actually asked a colleague, do you like what you're doing? and have you always known that this is what you want? He burst into laughter,

Chris: Are you really asking me this question, or are you indirectly asking yourself?

Me: Ermmmm, asking you. How do you know whether you like what you're doing or not?

Chris: You would know. A good indicator would be how you feel waking up every morning knowing you have to go to work on that day.

Me: Ok, Chris. I really do wish why can't i just be like one of those people who always know what they want.

Chris: You know what, another way of finding it out is to try it out! You will not know till you try it, and also taking the risks involved.

Me: Ok, Chris, i think you should get back to work. Lets not talk about this.

Chris: Again, burst into laughter!

Am i that funny?

My answer would be, if i were given a choice, for a day, i would want to be a food critic, pick a nice dining area, dine there, put together an article and get it published on The Age, Herald Sun or magazines.